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Free S/w & Open Source

The difference between free software and open software can best be compared to a religious schism.

Both have a group of supporters behind them, both share some kind of dogma (freely distributable software for which sources are available and which you can use, modify and pass on).

The older, orthodox group is the one behind free software. The head priest of this movement is (without a trace of doubt) Richard M. Stallman, a genius hacker – the writeups about him will tell you more.

The Free Software folks church would be the Free Software Foundation.

A very dogmatic crowd, which would rather die than using a pacemaker running non-free software.

This approach makes the Open Source approach rather unpopular with commercial ventures.

On the other hand, we have open software. Open software is just like free software. With a minor difference in dogma, which we will cover later.
The head priest of the Open Software group would most likely be Eric S. Raymond (ESR), while another likely candidate (at least in the rank of a cardinal) would be Linus Torvalds.
Of course, there is a things similar to the FSF. The Open Software Foundation ?
‘fraid not !
As this name was taken, the Open Software people settled on “Open Source Initiative“. (Not to be confused with ISO-OSI, if course.)
Less dogmatic (let’s say “More connected to reality the way we know it”), the Open Software groups has no problems to say that (even if Open Software is better than the prorietary stuff,) it is perfectly OK to use (and god beware, sometimes even write) proprietary software if no open alternative is available.
The main point for them is “Solve the user’s problems”.


Aahvan Tech Fiesta in college (11-12th march)

To all,

So Baroda’s first International level tech fiesta at Babaria Institute of Technology.

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I ♥ Free Software I love Free Software!

I love Free Software!

i love free software. i support open source..

Enjoy GNU/Linux


Eight Virtues – Home

see it !

via Eight Virtues – Home.

No protocol installed for empathy IM

When I open empathy, it says there is no protocol installed.

why are this packages not in [testing] like empathy, senseless?

Two trains collide in UP; 3 dead

Two trains collided near Tundla Railway Station about thirty kilometers from Agra. Three people have been killed and more than a dozen have been injured.

3 killed, 14 hurt as trains collide in UP

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Software Management Command Line Comparison

here is good comparison of sofware command line for :

arch, redhat/fedora, suse, debian/ubuntu, gentoo

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see it once..its nice..i liked it hope u 2..

US, Google Take Hard Line on China Internet Controls

By REUTERS SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Google Inc may pull out of China because of censorship and cyber attacks on rights activists, further straining Sino-US relations as Washington prepared to tackle global Internet censorship.

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The biggest threat to Microsoft isn’t Apple or Linux, it’s falling hardware prices

Linux” argument, it’s a widely held belief within the Mac and Linux camp that it is one of these platforms that represent the greatest threat to Microsoft’s,,

Microsoft’s model faces problems

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Solar wonder

An annular eclipse is when the moon does not cover the entire disk, allowing a thin rim of sunlight to be visible around the edge.
–Brahmand Defence and Aerospace News