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LRPC Light Weight Remote Procedure Call

August 15, 2010

LRPC – Lightweight Remote Procedure Call

There may be many popular meanings for LRPC with the most popular definition being that of Lightweight Remote Procedure Call

Lightweight Remote Procedure Call (LRPC) is a communication facility designed and optimized for
communication between protection domains on the same machine. In contemporary small-kernel
operating systems, existing RPC systems incur an unnecessarily high cost when used for the type of
communication that predominates-between protection domains on the same machine. This cost
leads system designers to coalesce weakly related subsystems into the same protection domain, trading
safety for performance. By reducing the overhead of same-machine communication, LRPC encourages
both safety and performance. LRPC combines the control transfer and communication model of
capability systems with the programming semantics and large-grained protection model of RPC.
LRPC achieves a factor-of-three performance improvement over more traditional approaches based
on independent threads exchanging messages, reducing the cost of same-machine communication to
nearly the lower bound imposed by conventional hardware,

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